Jul.-Sept. 2015 – Visiting Research Fellow at University of Buenos Aires

Between July and September, 2015, Dr. Vaccaro-Incisa will be Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

He will work with Prof. Raúl Vinuesa and Prof. Silvina Gonzalez Napolitano. Professor Vinuesa, the most respected Argentine arbitrator in the field of international investment law, is Professor of Public International Law and Director of the Degree in International Law at UBA. Professor Gonzalez Napolitano is Professor of Public International Law at UBA, and Member of the Argentine State Prosecutor Office on international investment law matters and cases.

During his permanence, Dr. Vaccaro-Incisa will deliver two seminars: first, the evolution of the regime for the protection of foreign investment in the three principal investment areas (EU, US, PRC); second, an alternative legal rationale for the Crimean transfer, from Ukraine to Russia.